The Merk Absolute Return Currency Fund is a pure play on currencies, aiming to profit regardless of the direction of absolute return investment strategy U. Below is the Fund’s exposure as of February 28, 2018.

The Fund’s sectors as of February 28, 2018. New S Wales Treasury Corp 3. Fund holdings are subject to change without notice. Currency exposure includes unsettled trades, market or accrued cost value of debt securities held, money market deposit account, capital shares sold, accrued income, as well as effective exposure through currency forward contracts, if applicable. US Dollar, net, includes net other assets and liabilities. All percentages are of total net assets. Top holdings currency exposure is before settlements, if any.

PDF version of the Fund Fact Sheet. Source for all currency data: Bloomberg. 1Assets reflect investor and institutional shares combined. As with any mutual fund product, there is no guarantee that the fund will achieve its goals.