Cabinet committee and the peak Australian Government decision-making body for national security, intelligence, foreign policy, and defence matters. As a middle power and G20 economy in the australian security & investment commission community and a regional power in the Asia-Pacific and Indo-Pacific, Australia has played a major role in international security. Domestically, the rise of violent extremism and threats of both Islamic and right-wing terrorism are key concerns of the Australian Government. 2008 to provide strategic co-ordination for the effectiveness and integration of the national intelligence efforts.

It is chaired by the Director General of the Office of National Assessments. National Intelligence Coordination Committee and is responsible for enhancing the co-ordination and capabilities of the national intelligence community’s open source efforts. Australian Government, Australian state and territory governments and the New Zealand Government. Ministers and senior officials from Australian Government agencies convened by the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet and supported by the Crisis Coordination Centre of Emergency Management Australia.