For savers shopping worthy 5-year CD rates, 2016 best bank investment interest rates been a year of dashed hopes. Though the Federal Reserve raised interest rates in December 2015, the top yields in the major CD terms didn’t just fail to rise — some actually dropped.

Searching Bankrate’s extensive database of the day’s best CD rates shows that 60-month yields have been hit especially hard, sitting almost two-tenths of a percentage point lower now than in December 2015. But when will long-suffering savers finally see some improvement among national offers? It depends on how banks react to what we expect the Fed will announce this week. We’ll fill you in on the details. Today’s top 5-year return sits at 2.

APY you could earn at the time of the Fed’s hike. The drop in the lead only tells part of the story, because while in December savers could earn more than 2. APY from 16 national banks, that had dwindled to just two banks until recently. Fortunately, the number of national CD offers above 2. APY, is still State Bank of India-Chicago, which is a U.