980m a week but is boss ‘Drastic’ Dave Lewis off to Unilever? DAILY BRIEFING: Gatwick Airport saw passenger numbers increase by 2. The thrill of a new car can swiftly be diluted if you are brave or foolhardy enough to look up what your car is best way to invest 60000 pounds only a week or two after you drove it out of the showroom. Despite the cost of fuel, insurance and tax for nearly all cars, it is depreciation that hits your pocket the hardest.

However, there are some conventional affordable cars that can buck this trend – the Renault Kadjar crossover is one of them. Unless you have bought a car that is exceptionally desirable it will drop in value whether you use it or not. When you come to change your car it is the price to change that matters so if you have chosen one that loses its value more slowly you will be quids in. Is the old girl still running? A new family car that’s scoring well in the crystal ball of future value predicting experts, CAP Automotive, is the Renault Kadjar. After three years or 60,000 miles, a properly serviced Renault Kadjar should be worth around 42.

2 per cent of its price new compared to only 27. 4 per cent in the case of a Peugeot 3008, says CAP. Jeff Knight, forecasting editor at CAP explains why. We know the Kadjar’s underpinnings are the same as the new Nissan Qashqai which was the sector leader in its previous guise. With that goes a very fresh look which builds on the good work Renault has already done with the design of the new Clio compared to its segment rivals. Kadjar is fresh and vibrant and well mannered.

The Kadjar also scores a slightly higher percentage than the super successful, Sunderland-built Nissan Qashqai. In the market in hard pound notes they would be very similarly priced model for model. 24,740 and a Nissan Qashqai Teckna 1. Knight is also impressed with the forthcoming new Megane if you are keener on normal hatchbacks. The car is due to go on sale next summer and has not yet been tested by the media.

It is a very bold design with the Renault diamond badge very prominent. They are no longer afraid of the Renault badge, they are proud of it. So what causes the lower rating for the Peugeot 3008? Mainly it’s where the car is in its life cycle. It came out in 2009 and it doesn’t turn a lot of heads though it does have features some people like such as the fold down rear tailgate. So what is the new Renault Kadjar like?