Should I save into a Lifetime Isa and would my Help-to-Buy Isa be closed if I do? Workers’ pension deductions triple to 2. The Devon home that looks like a luxury treehouse! Can I transfer some cash in my existing stocks and shares Isa to open another best way to invest a lump sum a robo-adviser and invest in both at the same time?

Will you be a tax winner or loser this year? Monthly or lump sum savings calculator By Richard Browning For Thisismoney. This calculator works out how much a regular monthly savings scheme could make and how much a lump sum investment could be worth. Find out how much a regular monthly savings scheme could make me. Calculate how much a lump sum investment could be worth. Calculator assumes interest is calculated and compounded monthly. This may not be the same as your account but the differences are not massive.

Please use as a guide only. Could these LED lights on crossings save lives on the road? Why have stock markets fallen and what should investors do? Will stock markets start to rise again? Can you change a name on a plane ticket? The comments below have not been moderated.

We are no longer accepting comments on this article. Want a cheap and simple pension to invest in retirement? MPs say firms must offer easy drawdown – with charges capped at 0. 800,000 house in the treetops that’s for sale with stunning views of the countryside. Where are you most likely to get a bus lane fine? Could you really take all your money out of your Isa then pay it back in again?

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Halifax launches table-topping cash Isa – could other high street names soon follow suit? Should you grab a fixed or variable savings rate deal? Why won’t the Isa limit rise with inflation this year – and what will it be for 2019? 500 by encouraging people to switch current account?

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