Comedy Central and all related titles, logos and characters are trademarks of comedy partners. The Fast Money traders and host Melissa Lee give bob farrell’s 10 rules of investing ideas for the hottest stocks and debate the financial impact of the day’s news.

The morning’s top business stories with a focus on technology and innovation. Beer-infused ice cream, pre-packaged meals for pets, and more. Mad Money host and former hedge fund manager, Jim Cramer, provides stock traders with all manner of investing advice. A thieving shopaholic son murders his family to cash in on the family’s wealth.

Two former advertising guys try to sell the Sharks a cure for cell-phone addiction. Pitches include two women whose jewelry line was inspired by their military experience. In a series first, it’s the employees going undercover, not the Boss. The founder of Retro Fitness tackles some heavy lifting on his Undercover Boss journey. The boss of Baja Fresh encounters a problem at one of his stores, and later makes a decision that shocks his boardroom. How does superstar disability lawyer Eric C.

He cheats, scoring a massive Social Security fraud, then vanishes. Purple Heart veteran Darryl Wright claims he suffers debilitating PTSD from his service in Iraq, but his story is an elaborate scam. Jan Lewan is a flashy showman, but when his finances hit a sour note, he rips off his adoring fans. See a private jet transformed into a flying office. 60 million he made in his long career. When a sexy former escort in Florida plots to take her husband’s money and his life, her lover tips off the police. Meet Kim Kardashian’s gold-eating bestie: Foodgod.

Find out why the most over-the-top mega-mansion in NJ has been sitting empty for nearly a decade. Tour the most expensive mansion in Malibu. Two Doctors run their Alabama pain clinics like heartless pill mills—illegally prescribing opioids while destroying lives and pocketing millions. In front of the Senate Banking Committee, Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell answers questions from Sen. 750,000 to help revive this classic restaurant chain, but fighting between partners and mismanagement have ruined everything he put in place. The Most Hated Man in America? Go inside a fascinating and disturbing crime story, set in one of the most lawless places on earth: our oceans, where perpetrators traffic in an illegal product and front-line workers are modern-day slaves.