Suzanne Hunter, Senior Divisional Accountant for Surgery, Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospitals NHS Trust and former BPP student shares her experiences of the CIMA journey. Suzanne works in a complex area of the health service, has been a Chartered Management Accountant for three years and is a good example of someone who joined bpp investment management certificate accountancy profession without an accountancy background.

For students whose previous qualifications are not finance related, like myself, the certificate level is essential to gain a grasp of accounting principles and language. CIMA qualification is very different to studying for a degree and requires a greater level of personal discipline, especially if you study from home. She would urge more students to consider studying Certificate level even if they have exam exemptions, as it is very easy to forget the details of subjects you learned years ago. There are many elements of the Certificate level that you rely on throughout the Professional level papers, especially the maths knowledge. It is amazing how many students have not studied maths since high school and then wonder why they cannot remember things like ratios and percentages. It is impossible to compare companies’ performance without it! It is really worth the time and the effort, you soon forget about the lost weekends and annual leave spent with your head in your books.

Studying with CIMA really does have the power to open many doors and improve your earning power. We asked several students from BPP’s Liverpool centre their views on the Certificate in Business Accounting and here’s what they had to say. Why did you choose to study the CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting Qualification? Following a job change my employer asked me to start an accountancy qualification. With my line manager we considered a range of options but decided CIMA was the best one for me and most relevant to my current position in the company. What have you liked about your courses with BPP? I like the various study aids, specifically the lectures online which allow you to review certain topics.

Now you’re part way through your studies what advice would you give to other students? Do the exams as soon as the course finishes so they don’t pile up. I made that mistake over Christmas and then before I knew it Easter had arrived and I couldn’t remember any of it. What’s the most useful piece of knowledge you have learnt?