A activity has come back strong–stronger, in fact, than other business lines at most of the remaining bulge bracket firms. Welcome to a comprehensive web site on investment banking careers. Monkey Business: Swinging through the Wall Street Jungle. You got me into this airline and you sure as hell better get me out or the only job you’ll bulge bracket investment banks have on the Street is SWEEPING IT!

Bud Fox: You once told me, don’t get emotional about stock. Our databases are frequently updated, be sure to bookmark and visit us often for updates and added stats. Purpose: To summarize and provide beneficial statistical information about the consulting industry and provide quick access gateway to relevant companies and websites. Serving: Researchers, students, professionals, job seekers and all who seek information about top consulting companies. Disclaimer: We are not claiming any rights, responsibilites or ownership pertaining to creating, developing, designing, or programming any of the websites listed on this page. All websites listed on this page are publically available for viewing on the internet. Rankings: Any ranking information regarding the listings above have been made by 3rd parties, organizations which make their ranking info available on public viewable pages free of charge.

For this particular listing we have gathered inforamtion from various sources on the internet, including, cnn. Boutique investment banks generally work on smaller deals involving middle-market companies, and usually assist on the sell-side in mergers and acquisitions transactions. In addition, they sometimes specialize in certain industries such as media, health care, industrials, technology or energy. There are many boutique investment banks.