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Today after years of painstaking focus and persistence of my family, we are finally debt free. In fact, there are NO loans any more. I have still not earned the tag of being a middle-aged-man, and see, I am debt free! I dreamt of this phase of life and it has finally come true. It will like an overstatement to say that my home loan prepayment calculator made it possible. But this is also true that 5 years back, it all started with it.

When I was first building this calculator on my excel sheet, I knew that this is going to be the most utilitarian excel sheet I have used till now. Today this one excel sheet changed my life. Later on my brother went ahead and converted the excel to an online prepayment calculator. Ever since then, this one blog post has helped many readers to understand the concept and necessity of loan prepayment.

So the idea is to strive to become debt free in life as early as possible. And, a tool like my home loan prepayment calculator will help you do just that. The Interest Burden Interest paid by the borrower is the profit for the banks. Banks would like us to continue paying interest till eternity. It is in our benefit that we shall find ways to reduce OUR interest burden. And we can do it only if we get aware of it.