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AEGIS CAPITAL CORP A Regional Financial Services Company that makes a difference. Changing the way business is done one person at a time. Bocchi joined Aegis in 2010 and has led Aegis’ Investment Banking Group to become one of the most active equity underwriters and placement agents in the small cap and middle-market arena. Bocchi’s tenure, Aegis has raised in excess of two billion in capital markets transactions as Lead manager, Co-Manager or Syndicate member.

Bocchi’s leadership, Aegis has completed in excess of one hundred public offerings as a book-runner, including Initial Public Offerings. Jeff Glasse, Head of Debt Capital Markets at Aegis Capital Corp. Barclays Capital, TD Securities and Fieldstone Capital Group. In addition to establishing and managing these businesses, he was responsible for capital markets and syndication of new issue loans. 200B, and were top-10 ranked in both leveraged loan new issue and trading. Glasse is a former Board of Directors member of the Loan Syndications and Trading Association, and has served on numerous working groups responsible for establishing syndicated loan market practices.

Glasse has an MBA in Finance from Columbia University, and a BA in Economics from Hampshire College. Founded in 1984, Aegis Capital Corp. Is a full service retail and institutional broker-dealer located in New York City. Our management is committed to providing the highest level of service to our clients. Copyright 2012 – Aegis Capital Corporation. It is expanding in diverse segments of the business world using some advanced statistical and mathematical models such as data mining, artificial intelligence, predictive analysis to gain new acumen ensuing superior and quicker business decisions. Banks record millions of business transaction daily and these entries are real-time in nature.

The volume of data generated by banks is not just large but also real-time in nature. Nonetheless, capturing and recording such a huge chunk of data is a challenging job for bankers. Big data analytics help them by providing a platform where these transactions can be recorded systematically. Structuring and recording the data is useless until and unless there is a plan to make use of such a large data. Therefore, identifying the connection between the data captured and possible results is a puzzling task in today’s complex business world. Big data gives insight into many complex areas of individual’s life including their lifestyle, needs, and preferences of their customers so that it is easy for banks to personalize services to the needs of each individual. Decades ago, a typical bank customer would walk into a bank and be greeted by an executive who knew his name, his personal backgrounds and how best to serve his personal banking needs.