Please forward this event driven investing ideas screen to 104. Mission Innovation aims to reinvigorate and accelerate global clean energy innovation with the objective to make clean energy widely affordable.

Click on the Mission Innovation countries and learn about their respective clean energy innovation efforts. You will hear from senior officials and researchers about key developments and have an opportunity to pose questions and share ideas. 5-hour webinar will focus on a particular country for an overview of current and upcoming activities pursued as part of MI. Presentations will be conducted in English. The webinars are free to attend.

How to maximise the impact of the Innovation Challenges? What’s the best way of strengthening private sector engagement? Preparatory Meeting addressed in Ottawa. The use of machine learning, robotics and supercomputing to accelerate the process of finding new high-performance and low-cost energy materials is central to technology development around the world. Currently, the process of developing and commercialising new materials is costly and can take as long as two decades.

Mexico, one of the founding Mission Innovation members, is investing in people to prepare them for the challenge of transforming the energy sector. The Festival of Retail Ideas brings an immersive 3-day experience for businesses involved in every aspect of retail to meet, learn, and do business. Join us at the first session of the event to hear industry experts as they provide an industry insight into the current state of play in the Australasian retail market and abroad. Many established retailers are adopting new strategies to cater to evolving customer needs, primarily focusing on omnichannel retail, resulting in a different business model that doesn’t place a preference on any single shopping channel. Wholesale marketplaces – friend or foe? Business models disrupting retail on the global stage.

Suitable for c-suite and senior management. Innovation has emerged as a central theme of good retail practice as macroeconomic conditions, the competitive landscape and customer expectations have changed in recent years. Capital expenditure among large retail companies is spiking to meet these requirements, with retail leaders trying very hard to find new ways to sell to customers that haven’t been done before. How can we reinvent retail in an age of digital disruption? How can leaders successfully build a culture of innovation that sees results? How can retailers maximise relationships to maximise profits.