The Global Marine Group is a market leader in offshore engineering and is recognised as a high quality, independent strategic partner across multiple sectors. The Global Marine Global investment group canada inc has consistently been at the forefront of subsea engineering, creating the infrastructure that has allowed new technologies to thrive, led by pioneers filled with passion and creative vision to work collaboratively to achieve greatness.

Back in 1850, our predecessors were centre stage in the evolution of an industry which led to the telephone and internet. As our people continue to deliver customer-centric solutions to the offshore renewables sector, working topside and subsea in a new industry that is focused on creating a sustainable future for our planet. Working in partnership has always been core to how our business has evolved, we pride ourselves on getting things right first time, using our knowledge to deliver bold and resourceful solutions and to dig deep to clearly understand our customers goals. Today our business, the Global Marine Group is built of extremely capable people, they share a wealth of knowledge, and they represent three brands that constantly achieve excellence, through an exemplary commitment to health and safety and a proactive approach to overcoming engineering challenges to exceed our customers’ expectations. That passion is evident in the entire team, as together we are committed to engineering a clean and connected future. Our Global Projects A selection of our worldwide projects, demonstrating our industry leading services for both Global Marine and CWind. Arctic Circle Telecoms Global Marine completed the installation of the most northerly subsea cable system in the world, which will service the research community of Ny-Ålesund in Svalbard, Norway.

The installation was completed in October 2014. The research station supports earth and life scientists and is part of an international research community. Global Marine had previously been involved with the installation from Svalbard archipelago to the Norwegian mainland now extending the system further into the Arctic Circle. The scope this time was to connect a research facility in Ny-Ålesund to the main town of Longyearbyen via two cables providing redundancy to the network if required. Global Marine used multi-role DPS-2 Cable Innovator to install the system and the Hi-Plough to complete subsea operations. Malaysia Power Pulau Ketam is a small island located off the coast of Klang in Malaysia which had previously been powered by small electrical generators.

Malaysia’s main energy provider, connected the Kapar Power Station on the mainland to the island. The project presented several challenges, most significantly the extent of the cable protection required resulting in a record-breaking cable burial depth to 13. Global Marine’s shallow water barge, Networker, 60 metres in length with a proven track record in Asian waters, successfully handled the simultaneous lay and burial aspect of the project. Cable Protection A study commissioned by TNB that looked at future port plans for the coming years and included potential dredging requirements, highlighted the need for the cable be buried to an unprecedented depth of over 12 metres. At this depth, the cable would be fully protected throughout its life without creating any restrictions on the possible expansion of the port.

In fact, the cable was buried to depths of up to 13. 2, at the time of installation the world’s largest offshore wind farm. During Horns Rev 1 Global Marine worked in harsh environmental conditions up to 20 kilometres of the coast of Denmark in the North Sea, and was responsible for installing and burying power cables up to two metres below the seabed and making 160 cable connections for the wind farm’s 80 turbines. Global Marine was contracted to undertake the laying and burial of all power cables within the wind farm site including connections to the turbines.