Please forward this error screen to 185. Please forward this error screen to 138. Glory investment international inc thing: These criminals made a cyber attack targetting my pages.

19: Monex Capital Partners, ADF Capital Limited Plc UK a. The meaning of this page is to warn private investors of boiler room scammers. I was told that now these criminals claim that I am a bitter old customer who is trying to blackmail them. I will continue as long as I get my money as they have promised. After that there is no legal claim from my part of any scam.

So I do not consider this as blackmailing. The main thing is to stop these scammers and the only way is to stop their revenue streams. PLEASE SHARE THIS WEB SITE AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE! This is VERY IMPORTANT to know.

When you start to do your homework by googling. You will see quite nice web sites of the company and you will also get results from “news sites” like affiliatebusinessplus. When you decide to invest in with rather moderate sum you will receive a call from the “allocations department” who will guide you how you can make your investment and you will receive a very convincing set of documents. After you have made your payment you will receive a call few days later from your “broker” that there has been a stroke of luck and your investment has been more successful than imagined. At the same call your “broker” suggests that you will reinvest your position and some more into a company that is about to go public.

This is the stage where the story lines differ. It can be that the investment you made needs “totally refundable security bond” or “there is a huge opportunity which requires you to invest in more to get into corporate block agreement. They will use all kind of reasons why you need to invest more including the story that one of the other investors has died and there is still some quota missing and your contribution is absolutely needed. If you decline to invest more you first get some serious threats from your “broker” and if you still decline you won’t hear anything from your them anymore. If you invest more go back to 6.

You will get mail from the “company” you are supposed to own shares claiming that their board has decided to pay dividents. At the same time the “company’s” Director of Something-very-important will mention that you might want to invest more as the “company” seems to boostand go back to number 5 or 6. Anywhere during the script: If you make any remarks mentioning this site or any similar accusing them being scammers the response starts: “Do you actually believe in some angry blogger who has lost money in the market”. ADF Capital Limited Plc UK a.

NOTE: Some of these are legal collateral victims of this scam. I try to update but with these I have to be careful. My quest is to expose these criminals offering phony investments all over the world. As such I need your help. So please inform if your investment “partner” is missing and do provide recordings if possible. With and only with your permission I will add your story or parts of it based on what we agree.