Please forward this error screen to 95. Please forward this gtx 1060 mining ethereum screen to 158.

Please forward this error screen to 158. Please forward this error screen to 173. Please forward this error screen to 173. 20 price premium for the overclock out of the box and the improved cooler. Cast your vote Do you agree or disagree with GPUBoss? Follow us on Facebook to stay up to date with the latest news! Significantly better ocean surface simulation score 1,766.

Sure but win 10 have 7gb Vram 3. 5 you dont need more for 2k playing, 4k is a dream. Anyone used Geforce GTX 970 to do mining bitcoins or ethereum? Ive been using an msi gtx 970 for 2 years and never once had any issues. 480, nvidia almost always has the best drivers for games.

Bay or were ever you buy you budget 970, 1060, 480, 780, 580, 660 ti graphic cards. And once you got about 900 dollars you can buy a used titan and then you can come play with the big boys” end of thread: “I agree completely, buy what you can afford! I agree completely, buy what you can afford! My personal recommendations, I’ve own them all at one time or another except for the Vega and Fury’s. Titian, GTX 1080,GTX 1070,GTX 1060,GTX 970,GTX 690, RX Vega, R9 Fury, R9 Fury X, R9 Fury Nano, RX 580,RX 570, RX 480, RX 470, R9 390, R9 290, HD7990. I get bored with GPU’s fast, I’ve had four this year alone.

It’s December, my favorite time of the year, and you’re trying to get me out of my Christmas Spirt! I had a hard time understanding what you were saying. It sounds like you’re stuttering when you type It sounded alot like Blah blah gamer, Blah blah 1080, Blah blah peasant Well got to go be awesome, and spread joy to the word, Happy Holidays too all. Are You sure You’re a gamer or just someone with more money than brain? If You want gaming performance You go with a 1080. And since the Titan U bought was the same price as Your Titan U still cant ownd since unless You make WORK on your computer, it is a waste of good money.

Sometimes better to keep your opinions to yourself especially since most console players still cannot enjoy games as we do. And yes, Im using a “peasant” GTX970. What you doing, are we gonna have a pissing contest next? I can’t help imagining how much awesomer the world would be, if your dad would of just pulled out. I don’t need 3 jobs, I have one that pays me more than all 3 of yours combined. Bury your head in the sand like a good little Ostrich.

DRS simply mentioned what he owned as opposed to you who state how your Titan shits all over the place. DRSEIRE Please don’t tell me this is your gaming PC. You say you have a Titan, but you can’t afford some decent speaker to hear with. TRASH You got a widescreen to play MINECRAFT For real thou. The back of you head looks like Steve from minecraft, but in real life. DRSEIRE, “I have a Titan Xp but don’t brag about”, you just did.