This SIP Calculator will allow you to calculate how a small investment every month can yield a greater return over time invested in mutual funds. In India mutual funds are an opportunity to invest in a diverse range of securities, spread how to invest in sip a wide range of industries, sectors and companies. What is a Step-up SIP in Mutual Funds? How to Plan a Home Purchase?

Why not to use credit card? We’ll list down few best SIP plans to consider investing in new year 2018. But before that lets get some concepts clear about the SIP itself. Increased awareness about the SIP will help a person to invest more wisely in mutual funds via SIP route. In order to make schemes attractive and affordable for small investors, mutual fund companies offers SIP Plans. What makes SIP plans best is the convenience with which one can buy units of mutual funds.

In the past decade, SIP plans have really become popular among people in India. Not only beginners, even experienced investors prefer to invest in equity through SIP route. SIP plans are super hit with small investors. They are affordable and convenient for the investors pocket. Gradual investment, coupled with the benefit of compounding makes SIP one of the best long term wealth building option. What we mean by gradual investment? SIP is being referred as gradual because, big amounts are not used to buy mutual fund units at a time.

Instead, smaller amounts are gradually invested month after month to accumulate units at a slow pace. Though the accumulation process is slow, but it is a very sure way to gather units, without fail, every passing month. What makes SIP Plans the BEST? Given a choice, every one will like to invest money and make profits. But due to the two big bottle necks people refrain themselves from investing. SIP in mutual funds, allow small investors to invest smaller amounts under supervision of expert fund managers.