More Of Najib’s Foreign PR Contractors Caught Up In Global Black Ops! Does This Desperado Of A PM Plan To Arrest The Entire Opposition During The Course Of This Election? Najib’s Desperate Cover-How to invest money in malaysia Are Turning Malaysia Into A Sorry Mess – ‘FAKE NEWS’ SPECIAL!

Najib Pushed Malaysia’s Savings Funds To Invest More Billions With Another Convicted Foreign Fraudster! Due dilligence protocols are paramount for protecting the finances of Malaysia’s public savings institutions. Earlier we exposed evidence showing that EPF raised an RM10 billion bond to be managed by the Luxembourg company Limage Holdings, owned by a Hungarian fraudster. We now provide further evidence that the Minister of Finance attempted to get billions more transfered into the care of a yet another little-known, unlicensed foreign entity, once again set up by a convicted fraudster, Dr George Miller of Ladylaw Securities, incorporated in Singapore.

Insiders have indicated that the motive behind these apparently reckless endeavours dating between 2012-2014 was to provide a mechanism for drawing money out of the funds for other purposes, specifically to provide political funding for Prime Minister Najib Razak and what are planned to be huge BN handouts during the upcoming election. Dr George Miller had set up Singapore based Ladylaw Securities Pte. 2010, shortly after being released from a ten year stint at New Bilibid Maximum Security Prison in the Philippines, where he had been jailed for financial fraud. Limage was engaged by EPF to leverage finance from RM10. Ladylaw as a licenced financial services institution and the entity was dormant until at least August 2014.

Yet as early as 2012 Dr Miller had submitted a proposal to the Ministry of Finance promoting a billion dollar investment in properties and mining concessions outside Malaysia, primarily in Australia and Canada. Given its profile, Ladylaw Securities would in every way appear to have been a highly undesirable partner for Malaysia’s government controlled savings funds. Indeed, protocols demand that such funds invest only in established, tried and tested blue chip concerns and not in a ten thousand Singapore dollar company, like Ladylaw, run by an ex-con. Following the meeting, sources say the Prime Minister encouraged Ladylaw to approach various funds under his control separately, in order to put forward the tiny outfit’s grand proposal to invest a billion dollars in property and petroleum investments.

By this time an Australian local government officer in Canberra named Nic Manikis had also joined Ladylaw. He says he was introduced by friends in finance to Miller because Miller was seeking advice in building a property portfolio in Australia and was boasting of potential Malaysian investors. Alongside his government job, Manikis says he had been permitted to pursue his own private interests in property investment and he joined Ladylaw as a director in September 2012. He did not know that Miller had been incarcerated for over ten years in New Bilibid maximun security prison, where there had been an attempt on his life by alleged drug gang members. Also now involved in the Ladylaw project was another of Manikis’s financial contacts, a Canadian accountant named George Aulin, who had become a director a year earlier and had made the introduction to George Miller. In addition an Australian licenced financial advisor known to Manikis, named Malcolm Phillips, joined the team negotiating with the Malaysians. Gerald Santucci, has confirmed to journalists that Ladylaw was involved in a number of negotiations with Malaysian funds, including EPF which has denied all knowledge of Ladylaw and claims there was never any contact between the fund and the company.

A mass of documentation seen by Sarawak Report indicates that Ladylaw Securities presented its Malaysian target funders with what would appear to be an unnecessarily risky financial package. The properties mainly consisted of iconic Australian landmark buildings, which did not appear to be on the open market at the time. The combined value of these structures was projected as being USD1. 04 billion, however Sarawak Report’s researches show that some were later sold for less. In a letter to Musa on the same day Miller acknowledged the money could be lost in the venture. Isa Samad Agreed To Invest A Billion On Najib’s Bidding Despite the evidently dubious natue of Ladylaw Securities as a partner for Malaysia’s major public savings funds, correspondence shows that contacts within EPF, FELDA and FELCRA, apparently on the bidding of the Minister of Finance, were soon treating the approaches seriously, with various top officials even signing off on the proposed investments.

1 billion investment in Ladylaw’s proposed property-based financial instrument. On 24th December 2012, a memo from Ladylaw’s Project Coordinator, Azlan Shah Md Radzi, to the then Chairman of FELDA, Isa Samad, referred to a meeting a few days earlier on 20th December in the Ministry of Finance with the Private Secretary to the Minister of Finance Mohmed Puzi Sh Ali, indicting that it had been agreed FELDA should collaborate with the Ladylaw investment plan. Further memos in January 2013 show that the matter was then passed on by Isa Samad to Dr Suzana Idayu Wati Osman, Chief Strategy Officer at FELDA Global Ventures, for action. On 30th of that month Osman replied to Ladylaw explaining that protocol prevented Felda Global Ventures from investing in the project, because it was only allowed to invest in agricultural enterprises. On April 1st 2013 Chairman Isa Samad duly wrote to the ex-con, Dr George Miller at Ladylaw Securities, using the then Director’s residential address in Gosforth, Newcastle, with some good news coming out of meetings in March.