500,000 we can help you reach a network of individuals who how to raise angel investment actively seeking to invest in growing businesses. Looking to invest in a growing business? We can help you find investment opportunities in northwest based companies from a wide range of industry sectors and at every stage of the business life cycle. Welcome to Northwest Business Angels Northwest Business Angels connects young and growing companies seeking investment with investors actively looking for investment opportunities in the northwest.

One of UK’s longest established and most successful business angel networks, with almost half of the companies selected to present to the network able to raise investment. 22m has raised by over 250 companies. Manchester Solutions delivers the Northwest Business Angels service, on behalf of the NW Regional Transition Group for Business Support. Success Stories Browse our “Deals Done” to get a flavour of some of the successful projects. Pat on the back for us, right? We believe we can do far more to support entrepreneurs in achieving their ambitions.

In this sense, the platform has a long way to go. What more are we doing to help? We are entrepreneurs and our job has been to help entrepreneurs for the last decade and a half. So, we feel pretty well-qualified to know what support entrepreneurs need most.

And we know that we’ve not been providing everything! So, we spent the last year reaching out to some of the most highly-reputed companies in their spaces. These companies provide specialised tools and services to help people like you grow their companies. We have now partnered up with the best of them to bring you our Marketplace for Entrepreneurs! There is also a host of useful tools to ramp up your entrepreneurial efficiency.

This marketplace is open to all, not just members of Angel Investment Network so feel free to share with anyone you think would find it useful. If you would like to see a service added, let us know and we’ll get our Partnerships team on the case! Impact investments are made, with financial returns in mind, into businesses targetting profitability alongside their social mission. An impact investor is, therefore, someone who chooses to support great businesses aiming to do good and make money, rather than just turn a profit.

The decision to be an impact investor is an empowered choice which has already enabled many world-changing businesses to do great things. The rise in awareness of the key social and environmental issues of our time has started a shift in the way many investors view the desired outcome of their investments. More and more want their financial outlay to have an impact as well as generate returns. What are we doing to help this movement?

Angel Investment Network recently launched Seedtribe to attract more of its investors into the impact investment space. 1000 into opportunities backed by angel investors and curated by the Seedtribe team. Investments can be made directly through the platform so the process is as seamless as possible. We are confident that this new model will help impact businesses complete their funding rounds quickly so that they can focus on bringing their benefit to the world. We are delighted to have Work For Good as one of the first impactful businesses on the Seedtribe platform. Work For Good’s platform removes these barriers and has created a market for corporate giving. By giving through the Work For Good platform, they can impress their clients, inspire their people, and be a force for good in the world.