Everything from finding the right online university to finding the right job! Jobs concerned with the collection, measurement, and evaluation of financial data generated from internal operations are typically placed under the controller’s supervision. Investment banking associates in corporate finance investment banking associate cover letter the sellers of securities, either Fortune 1000 companies that are looking to raise cash to fund growth, or frequently, private companies that are looking to go public. Corporate finance bankers are financial consultants to corporations, advising companies on how to finance their operations, structure their balance sheets, move ahead with plans to sell or acquire a portion of the company.

Underwrite equity offerings – buy shares for sale from the corporation or government entity and then sell them on the market to investors. Help firms analyze their financial needs. Help firms devise and implement financial strategies, such as what foreign currency exposure to have and when and how to proceed with funding initiatives. Sales and trading is the investment bank’s distribution arm. Although frequently lumped together, sales people and traders perform different functions. Develop strong relationships with institutional investors.

Meet with equity research departments and discuss economic trends and their impact on the markets. Work closely with the Investment Banking department to market new debt and equity issues. Advise clients in developing and executing investment strategies. Develop a solid knowledge of market, company, and industry information.

Make markets by maintaining a position in a stock their firm has underwritten, quote bid and ask prices, and buy and sell at those prices. Perform valuation analysis of derivatives, convertibles, or baskets of stocks. Manage the firm’s risk versus the market. Traders are responsible for taking positions on the market through purchases and sales of stocks and equities.