Thinking About a Water Meter? Scottish Water is building a 3. 1 mile-long waste water tunnel in the south of Glasgow as investment in water park of the biggest upgrade of the city’s waste water network in more than a century.

100m tunnel is being constructed from Craigton Industrial Estate, and will run under Bellahouston Park, Pollok Park, along Titwood Road to Queen’s Park where it ties into the existing sewer network. The project will improve water quality in the River Clyde and its tributaries and reduce flooding issues at key locations. The tunnel is being constructed using a specially designed tunnel boring machine. The tunnel route was carefully selected to minimise disruption. It will be big enough to fit a double-decker bus inside and more than five times as long as the Clyde Tunnel. The construction phase of Scotland’s biggest waste water tunnel, which will help tackle flooding and improve river water quality in the Glasgow area, has been completed. Click on the buttons below to learn more about the sub-projects.