OECD Investment Policy Reviews present an overview of investment trends and policies in the countries reviewed. The reviews take a comprehensive approach using the OECD Policy Framework for Investment to assess the climate for domestic and foreign investment opportunities in liberia at sub-national, national or regional levels.

They then propose actions for improving the framework conditions for investment and discuss challenges and opportunities for further reforms. Around 30 countries have used the PFI when engaging in investment policy reviews. The experiences of these countries were used as an integral part of the multi-stakeholder update of the PFI released in 2015. January 2009 with its headquarters in the capital Monrovia, which accounts for about a third of Liberia’s total population of 3. ABL’s mission is to become the bank of choice for the low and middle income strata of the Liberian population, and the country’s leading provider of financial services to micro, small and medium enterprises.

The bank’s KPIs of the past years have proven that its product offering of loans and deposit services has hit the right spot in this still underserved market. ABL provides micro and SME loans to eligible business owners. Regarding banking services, current and savings account as well as a term deposit option are offered. All accounts can be held in Liberian Dollar and US Dollar. Please forward this error screen to sharedip-1601535436. Please forward this error screen to sharedip-160153406.