The Goldman Sachs Principal Strategic Investments group seeks to make long term strategic investments in fast growing technology companies that are uniquely positioned to benefit from a deeper business relationship with Goldman Sachs. We take a long-term approach to the partnerships in which we engage, holding our investments for investments in technology typically average period of more than five years.

We invest significant time and resources in our portfolio companies, providing management teams with access to the Goldman Sachs franchise, relationships, and strategic network to accelerate value creation. At Goldman Sachs, you will make things possible. Founded in 1869, the firm is headquartered in New York and maintains offices in all major financial centers around the world. We have partnered with industry leaders such as Microsoft, HP, and Cisco to ensure best of breed technology for performance and reliability for our clients and our own cloud platform. We provide expert advice and assist customers with their long-term IT strategy and IT budget planning. Contact us today to schedule your obligation-free consultation. Sperre is a leading supplier of starting-air compressor systems for vessels.

The Company has a long-standing history in the global oil and gas and maritime industries with roots back to 1938. With extensive industry know-how and through a superior life cycle concept, Sperre has built an excellent brand recognition and is renowned worldwide for its proven high-quality compressors. Sperre has a well-diversified customer base and with an installed base of c. 32,000 compressors worldwide, Sperre truly has a global footprint. The buildings are provided either on a rental contract or through sale of permanent installations. Wexus has built a wide range of customers from all its major segments. Production is done from their fully owned facility in Tallinn.

The Company was established in 2001 and has experienced strong growth over the last few years through organic initiatives and acquisitions. IT Gården is a leading IT services outsourcing provider to SMEs in southern Sweden, and has a recently established foothold in Gothenburg in Sweden. The Company delivers IT services within IT outsourcing and infrastructure, virtualisation and client platforms as well as related products. IT Gården aims to provide customers with an easy way of outsourcing all IT related services. The customer value proposition is cost reduction and stable and efficient IT environment.

The Company has experienced strong growth in recent years, and currently employs approximately 90 fulltime employees. READ Cased Hole is a leading specialist in production logging and integrity evaluation. The definitive information that READ delivers helps customers better understand the performance of their wells. This enables operators to make qualified decisions quickly and with confidence, minimising risk and maximising production efficiency from their producing wells. READ Cased Hole was established in 1990 and has since its inception build an impressive customer base including several international blue-chip companies. Resort is a leading campsite operator in Sweden.

The company operates 23 camping sites across Sweden. Nordic Camping has 46 full-time employees and is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. Presserv is a leading specialist in preservation and corrosion protection within the oil, gas, shipping and storage tank industries. They offer highly cost efficient products and services for the protection of customers’ assets through use of new technologies and methods.

The company has experienced strong growth through the downturn in the oil and gas industry, by offering new and cost efficient alternatives, especially for asset stacking. Presserv has since its inception in 1996 build an impressive customer base of c. 1,500 customers, including most of the major blue-chip companies in the oil and gas industry. Eneas is a leading independent energy intermediary for SMEs in Norway and Sweden, with a recently established foothold in Finland. The Company has offices in Drammen and Trondheim in Norway, and currently employs approximately 170 fulltime employees. The Company offers active energy procurement services, usually available only to larger corporates.

The customer value proposition is built on convenient and independent electricity sourcing, protection against energy price volatility, green energy certificates, and extensive market knowledge with a 20-year track record. The Company was founded in 1995 by the current CEO, with the aim to create an independent electricity service provider for SMEs in Norway. Eneas is experiencing strong growth in its core segments and has become a substantial player in the Norwegian and Swedish market with a customer base of approximately 20,000 SMEs. The Company is continuously developing its products and service offering responding to customer requirements and industry challenges. The team of 25 based outside Stavanger, Norway, is focused on delivering high quality services with the utmost attention to safety in all aspects. 4Service is a provider of contract catering, cleaning and soft facility management services in Norway. The Company has experienced strong growth since inception in 2011, especially within the growing onshore camp segment driven by large public infrastructure investments.

4Service was founded by a seasoned management team with extensive experience from the Global and Nordic facility management industry from various senior management positions. Combining best practice from the global facility management providers with local concepts, entrepreneurial spirit and more than 1400 motivated employees create the competitive advantage for 4Service. Norvestor VI invested in Phonero Group AS in November 2015. The Company was sold to Telia Company AB in April 2017. Core to the recent successes and future growth strategy is the utilization of this unique combination of competencies in a range of applications across several industries.