SHUAA has is investment banking worth it focused on helping Middle East businesses grow since our establishment back in 1979. Award Winning In recognition for its contribution to the financial services sector, EUROMONEY has named SHUAA Capital “Best Equity House in the UAE Award” a number of times.

Growing Business Our clients include a wide range of entities and assignments from corporate advisory to capital raising. Openness We endeavor to communicate in a clear, open and timely way with all our stakeholders. Volunteering SHUAA is committed to playing an active role in the community and the development of employees within our organisation. Careers Our highly-skilled team includes some of the most experienced people in the financial services industry in the region. A expertise, private placements, structured investments and other services. Heritage and Local Expertise SHUAA’s Investment Banking team relies on its long-term regional presence and knowledge to provide these services and acts as a consultant to regulators and exchanges to advise on policy to maintain liquid and accessible capital markets for emerging and growing corporates. Historic Leadership and Awards Investment Banking has the strongest historic track record in initial public offerings in the UAE.

In fact, the investment banking division has raised more than twice the amount of capital in IPOs than its nearest competitor. A and equity structures with a continued focus on UAE small to medium sized companies. Dubai SME 100 SHUAA has had a partnership in place with Dubai SME, the agency of the Department of Economic Development mandated to develop SME sector, since August 2012. The aim of this collaboration is to support efforts to grow the crucial SME segment of the economy and to offer valuation services to SME100 companies. SHUAA’s Investment Banking team is currently in the process of undertaking a number of valuation assessments for SME100 companies. SHUAA and Dubai SME regularly co-host seminars on business valuation assessments and SHUAA continues to provide company owners and CEOs with practical case studies to help them build long term value and future returns for their businesses.

International Clients SHUAA also seeks to help inbound corporate investors entering the UAE market find strategic partners and acquisition opportunities. PT Pratama Capital Indonesia regarding collaboration between the two firms to offer a variety of investment banking services to issuers and investors in the UAE and the Republic of Indonesia. MBAs are generally hired as associates. See Credit Suisse’s banking page for an example. The analyst on the project will usually be responsible for putting together a Working Group List which lists the persons at the bank involved, at the client, at the law firm handling the deal and at other banks, if there are any in a syndicate. Usually when you start in “banking” that means that you will likely end up in a coverage group. Obviously, it pays to get into a group that is in area that interests you and that is doing good deals.

In institutional sales you would be responsible for conveying information about particular securities to institutional investors. You would be likely to have heavy contact with portfolio managers and your own firm’s analysts and traders. Sales skills and product knowledge are crucial in this area as is the ability to get through to busy institutional investors. He also has an amazing mind for math.