Dividends are a popular source of income in retirement. We rely on them for a part of our annual is mfs a good investment expenses. Dividends provide a relatively steady stream of income regardless of the fluctuations in the stock market. It’s worth stating that I’m not exclusively a dividend focused investor.

Instead I focus on the total return of my portfolio. 28,527 in dividends from our portfolio. This drop was a little unexpected but owes to lower dividend payments from international investments due to the appreciation of the dollar and generally less favorable economic conditions overseas. 7,767 of dividends in our taxable accounts.

9,077 in dividends in our taxable accounts. 21,000 or so of dividends in the tax deferred accounts gets reinvested automatically. 23,802 living expenses in 2015, which goes to show just how important dividends can be to fund a successful early retirement. These are the actual dividends we received for the investments in each asset class in 2015.