Newsroom articles are published by leading news agencies. Hargreaves Lansdown is not responsible for an article’s content and its accuracy. We may not share the views of the author. The selling price currently displayed lindsell train investment trust higher than the buying price.

The initial saving applied to a fund depends on how it is priced. For dual priced funds the difference between the buy and sell price is made up of the initial charge and other costs e. The ‘initial saving from HL’ will reduce the buying price, but even with a full discount the buying price may still be higher than the selling price. For single priced funds the price quoted does not include the ‘initial charge’. Any ‘initial charge’ after deduction of the ‘initial saving from HL’ will be added to the price quoted. Please note that even where a full saving is offered a dilution levy could be applied on the way in or out of the fund. For full details please see the HL guide to fund prices, savings and yields.

TER – The ongoing costs associated with the fund. This will include both the fund manager’s annual charge and some other expenses, but not the fund’s transaction costs such as dealing commissions. Both include other expenses such as depositary, registrar, accountancy, auditor and legal fees. TER includes any performance fees paid over the past year. Please note that in a minority of cases there is a difference between the quoted ongoing charge for a fund’s income and accumulation units. Where this is the case, we will show the higher of the two figures here. Key Investor Information Document or Simplified Prospectus.