How to Plan low investment business in chennai Home Purchase? Why not to use credit card?

How to Stop Overspending of money? Are penny stocks always low priced? But it can be different in case of stock investing. A stock which is trading at Rs. 100 can be considered cheaper than a stock trading at Rs 50. It is a violation of the theory of mathematics, right? But this is what makes stocks investing so interesting.

My readers raise queries about best penny stocks to buy. It is evident that people love penny stocks. Any stocks which has very low market price and very low market capitalization are often referred as Penny Stocks. Because of its low market price.

Penny stocks are very light on pocket. Low price per share makes it possible for people to buy more shares without spending too much money. To understand more about penny stocks, lets take an example. There is a stock in Indian stock market called MRF Limited. Sachin Tendulkar has batted for years with a cricket bat having MRF name imprinted on it.

Yes I am taking about this MRF Limited. This company basically makes tyres, tubes, paints, conveyor belts, toys etc. This company is also listed in BSE and NSE. Do you know, what is the market price of MRF Limited in BSE? So if you want to buy ONE share of MRF, you will have to shelve almost 65,000 rupees. High market price of MRF, makes it tough for casual investors to buy its shares.