AIG is committed to hiring high-potential candidates from universities around the world. As you begin your career, you’ll benefit from training, guidance, and mentoring by leaders and managers invested in your success. We believe in supporting the next generation of global leaders. At AIG, we provide the freedom, resources, new york life investments careers support to map your career path across many disciplines and geographies.

Select a region below to discover the tremendous opportunities offered there. Which Path Is Right For You? Summer Interns If you’re invited to join the summer intern program at AIG, over the course of this 10-week program, you’ll gain tangible, hands-on experience and insight into our business operations. Want to learn more about internships at AIG and see how your internship can empower you in your future career? Read our article on the strengths of a great internships program to explore how an AIG internship can bring you opportunities for active learning, creativity, collaboration, and leadership development. Full-Time Analysts Accelerate your career during your final year of undergraduate study by seeking a Full-Time Analyst position.