Oregon education investment board may need to login in order to actually view the page. In Most States, the Middle Class Is Now Growing — But Slowly.

2016 than in 2013, according to a new Stateline analysis. Fifty years ago, civil rights advocates hoped the passing of the Fair Housing Act would finally end racial segregation. 6 million of them were in default at the end of last year. Would You Know if Your State Was in a Recession? Stateline provides daily reporting and analysis on trends in state policy.

Stateline stories and graphics may be republished in print or online for free as long as they are attributed to “Stateline, an initiative of The Pew Charitable Trusts. Washington is the only state that in recent quarters has consistently ranked among those with the fastest year-over-year growth in the statewide sum of residents’ income. About Stateline Stateline provides daily reporting and analysis on trends in state policy. Pew works to protect our shared environment, encourage responsive government, support scientific research, and improve civic life. Our projects are ambitious, consistent with a tested investment philosophy, and designed to reap measurable benefits for the public. Pew works with local partners across the U. We believe that progress springs from science, data and facts.