Why We Buy Used Cars And You Should Too by Mrs. Buying a brand new car has to be quality investments used cars of the worst financial decisions a person can make.

Nevertheless, I persist because it’s one of those purchasing decisions with the power to impact your longterm financial health in a profoundly negative way. Help Us Choose The Next Frugalwoods-mobile! The key is to recognize that a car is a necessity in the same way that food is a necessity. Few of us would consider eating at a five-star restaurant every night to be a necessity, even though it’s a delivery mechanism for the nutrients required to stay alive. The caveat here is if you’re a billionaire.

If that’s the case, then this article is totally irrelevant to you and you should stop reading now. 1B, which makes this article quite relevant to you indeed. But I NEED a New Car! I must have safety and reliability.

I too want a safe and reliable car, especially since I frequently transport the priceless cargo of my daughter and the 1 million toys that now live in our backseat with her. It’s quite true that some cars are safer and more reliable than others. However, new cars do not offer either of these attributes in any greater quantity than a good used car. Just as you wouldn’t buy a crappy new car, don’t buy a subpar used car! While I certainly don’t advocate driving an unsafe vehicle, there’s a happy middle ground. I’m afraid a used car will break down!

Buying a used car does not mean buying a hunk-o-junk. There are plenty of lovely pre-owned vehicles that offer top-of-the-line features. A new car is in no way guaranteed to never break down or need a repair. And a good car that’s a few years old isn’t going to exhibit an endless stream of needed repairs. Here again, you can achieve this result with a used vehicle.

You too can navigate your roads in a used car. Living in a snow-laden climate does not mean you need a brand new truck or SUV. What is necessary is a vehicle that makes sense for your lifestyle and your geography. Now we’re getting to the heart of the matter. While it’s easy to find safety, reliability, and all-wheel drive in a pre-owned vehicle, it’s not possible to find brand new shine. A car is not intended to serve any other function than to safely transport us. It’s not a status symbol, it’s not an indicator of our success, or our wealth, or how cool we are.

A car, and any other object, is not a stand-in for human emotions. Its purpose isn’t to make us happy. But do so with the full knowledge that it’s a luxury purchase. And you know what I say about luxuries: if you can’t pay for them in full and with cash, you can’t buy them.