We are real estate investors, both new and experienced, who meet regularly from around the Dallas area, to network, exchange information and leads, discuss, and learn about real estate investing. If you would like to receive email notices of our upcoming meetings, classes and other events, we invite you to join our email list. Our Policy is: we do not sell or real estate investing seminars dallas your information to anyone else. Or, you can keep up with our planned seminars and meetings by checking here, on the front page of our web site, where these upcoming events are listed.

These events are also open to the public, but advance registration is encouraged. You can register online using links which are provided within the announcement emails and here on the web site. Independent investors and landlords serve a vital role in the community. They rejuvenate blighted neighborhoods, add to the tax base, and provide employment for a wide range of workers, contractors and suppliers.

But most importantly, they provide the affordable housing which enables so many working Americans to live with dignity, comfort and security. Sponsors These established local vendors understand the special needs of investors, and have the ability and commitment to serve those needs with professional skills and quality services. The fastest way to get COMPS in Texas! Estimating system developed by James Hill.

We report payments to the Credit Bureaus. North Texas Association of Real Estate Investors. 5th largest mobile home park portfolio in the country with over 28,000 lots in over 280 parks in 32 states. The Principals have an extensive 20-year track record of success in the mobile home park industry, and have over 55 years of combined real estate investing experience.

MHPF is well aware of the advantages of purchasing mobile home parks and has developed a set of stringent acquisition criteria that addresses both strong cash flow from day one and adding value to each MHP through various means such as increasing rental rates and occupancy, reducing expenses, and improving the quality of the community. Why to Invest in Mobile Parks? Investors are always seeking new opportunities which offer reduced risk, yet significantly higher returns than can be achieved in traditional saving accounts or CDs. Why Invest in Mobile Home Parks? From the New York Times to Bloomberg, mobile home park investing is starting to be recognized as an attractive real estate sector. Why MHP have such an unfair advantage in Commercial Real Estate?