You can contact me on lucy. As in previous years, the majority of advisers belong to major banks while a few are housed in boutique firms. 15m, are less interested in fintech according to the report. These managers seem less vulnerable to the tide of fintech and earn their reputation by whatever charm, competence or empathy tilney investment management reviews bring to their relationships.

15m HNW crowd, fintech is “nipping at the heels” of managers. Spear’s found that managers in this segment were generally positive about the outlook of post-Brexit London, and divided over the Trump presidency. But whatever the political environment, returns must still be made. So who is in the Spear’s pick of the crop?

De Angelo has been working on the firm’s Global Fiduciary Mandate, which she describes as “a highly technical, very complex” option for large clients with substantial wealth enabling them to oversee numerous asset managers. His newly established office aims to combat that. Hoffman is aware of challenges ahead, and told Spear’s: “Diversification remains key to managing risks. Finding pockets of value is also becoming increasingly hard for managers. Knowland said he owes his success to a childhood foray into stocks, and added that Citi is very responsive for a large institution. 30 per cent’ growth in the past year”. Pinto is a long-time favourite on the list, and told Spear’s that empathy is what makes a good wealth manager.