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Which is the best investment plan in India for middle class? You will invest differently if you knew which is the best investment plan in India for middle class? Middle class in India invests their money differently than others. They are more cautious than others.

Indian middle class has also evolved over the years. This group of people now has more spare cash in hand. Majority prefer to spend this spare cash on dinning, entertainment, shopping, vacation etc. But there is a tiny, wise group of people, who prefer using their spare cash for investment. In this article we will see, which investment plan is good for middle class in India.

But before that a short reconfirmation about what is investment. Investment means, purchase of monetary assets. These assets generates profit for its investor in the future. Hence it is essential to first save money and then, use it to buy a good investment plan. A good investment plan is one which will be inline with your financial goals and also give decent returns. One must remember that, investment made for personal financial planning, is not always done with the goal of generating high returns. This is a great investment plan which is very reliable in building fund for emergency.

They are unexpected and requires immediate action. Generally speaking, when emergency strikes, it is also very cost intensive. Unplanned arrival of a best friend, which calls for a party. A birthday bash, which otherwise would have passed silently. Strong desire to buy the latest Macbook. Sudden travel plan to meet a relative who had baby.