Please forward this error screen to 69. Diversification—investing in stocks, bonds, and short-term reserves—can lower your risk because you’re spreading your money across the three asset classes. The returns from these vanguard investments mailing address types of investments usually don’t rise or fall at the same time.

When returns for one asset class fall, those of another may rise. So by diversifying your investments, you’re taking advantage of one of the basic principles of investing—simply by not putting all your eggs in one basket. Admiral Shares are a separate share class of Vanguard mutual funds that were created to recognize and encourage the cost savings that result from large investment accounts. Those savings are then passed on to the shareholders who own them. Over time, these savings could be significant.

More than 60 Vanguard funds offer Admiral Shares. 10,000 or more in an index fund that offers Admiral Shares. 50,000 or more in an actively managed fund that offers Admiral Shares. 100,000 or more in certain sector index funds and tax-managed funds that offer Admiral Shares. Vanguard Admiral Shares fund expense ratio 0. Sources: Lipper, a Thomson Reuters Company, and Vanguard.