Low-Cost Comprehensive Coverage of Foreign Stocks This fund covers the entire overseas investable market. Should You Worry About the Tax Efficiency of Vanguard ETFs? The unique structure of Vanguard ETFs makes them what are the advantages of investing in a mutual fund vulnerable to capital gains distributions, but Ben Johnson says the likelihood is still low.

A Compelling Mid-Cap Growth ETF This fund’s low-fee, turnover-conscious approach to portfolio construction, and its broad diversification, should serve investors well. How Low Can ETF Fees Go? Why Do Active Managers Do Better in Some Periods Than Others? Cut through the confusion by focusing on the basics of ETF investing. Our digital and print newsletters focus on particular investment vehicles and asset classes. Our editors and strategists scour the seemingly infinite span of investment opportunities to provide their readers with accurate recommendations, insightful watchlists, and timely email alerts that all strive towards one goal: positive returns.

Whether you invest in stocks, funds, or ETFs, Morningstar has a newsletter that meets your investing needs. Morningstar ETFInvestor Editor Ben Johnson looks at an ETF’s holdings in an effort to find funds that hold a sizable stake in undervalued markets. Editor Matt Coffina focuses on companies with established competitive advantages, trading at discounts to their intrinsic values. Mutual Fund Ratings Need a quick-and-dirty opinion on a fund?

Get familiar with mutual funds ratings. It’s important to know how a fund has performed before investing in it. Now that we’ve covered how to buy and sell mutual funds, let’s talk about mutual fund ratings and how they’re calculated. Mutual fund ratings assess how the fund has performed over a period of time. Rating agencies keep fund managers on their toes and provide a super valuable service to customers. Mutual fund ratings providers help keep fund companies honest by providing reviews on mutual fund boards, looking at the backgrounds of portfolio managers, detailing whether a fund is remaining true to its investment style, etc. The Morningstar Rating System Morningstar uses a ranked system with stars as the rating standard.

The system presents breakdowns for equity funds into 12 industry groups inside three primary economic sectors to compare weighting decisions. The Lipper Rating System Lipper provides mutual and hedge fund reviews as well as commentary and tools for analyzing data. Lipper services the institutional and asset management industry, but its mutual fund services are still provided in detail for retail investors of all levels. Past mutual fund returns are really not a great indicator of future performance.