Two primary reasons: group insurance and longevity protection. 5 Ways Retirees Can Take the Edge Off in Volatile Markets Christine Benz offers her suggestions, including what funds to invest in for retirement and focusing on quality, amid volatility. Top Social Security Questions, Answered Mark Miller tackles delayed filing, break-even points, and means testing.

Should You Make IRA Contributions After 65? The Do-Over for IRA Conversions Is Done. How Much Will You Spend in Retirement? How Much Income Can Your Portfolio Safely Provide?

There was an error retrieving your results. Why Do People Invest in Hedge Funds? 47 0 0 0 13 6. Damian Lewis plays hedge fund manager Bobby “Axe” Axelrod on Showtime’s “Billions”. The reasons for investing in hedge funds vary. For some investors, hedge funds represent an opportunity to trounce the market. For others, hedge funds are a way to add an additional element of diversification beyond stocks and bonds.

But hedge funds aren’t for everyone—and some people think they’re a terrible deal. Because these funds aren’t subject to the same regulations as mutual funds, it’s a lot harder to get a handle on what your hedge fund owns or even how it’s doing. Speaking of performance, hedge funds are questionable. Over the five years through November 30, 2015, the Hedge Fund Research Fund Weighted Composite index is up an average of 3. Poor’s 500 over the same period. And yet, new hedge funds continue to open, and investors are still eager to invest. Hedge funds were started decades ago by a man who was such a good manager he told people he would manage for a percentage of the gain.