Turkey’s Shining Star on the Rise As a where to invest 100k in 2016 to many civilizations for a thousand years, Istanbul has taken the stage again as an international trade and business center with its diverse, dynamic and fast growing economy offering many lucrative opportunities for the multinational’s. 25 k GDP per capita income to which correspondes more than two times of countries’ average. Compared to 2001 level, GDP per capita in Istanbul has increased more than fivefold.

The foreign trade volume is approx. 193 billion, where 71 k companies are dealing with international trade in Istanbul. Istanbul is reachable by most of the major international airlines and charters. The city is from 2 to 5 hours from European destinations and 9 hours from North America. 1 in the World flying to the most countries worldwide with 292 destinations in 116 countries. As the turn around port for many cruise ships, Istanbul is mostly reached from the Aegean Sea.