We help where to invest in florida create positive social change and build self-sustainable ventures Through Our Social Enterprise accelerator. More than ever, we need ideas.

We are here to help entrepreneurs overcome these issues, to inspire creative thinkers and to help make their dreams real. The road to positive change is long, but the destination is worth every twist and turn. Rally’s mission is to create positive social change by propelling qualified social entrepreneurs to build their ideas into self-sustainable ventures within our community. We work with social entrepreneurs in the early stages of developing their product or business who are looking for help or guidance. Our Summer 2018 cohort starts on May 1, 2018. Submit your application by 11:59PM EST on April 15, 2018. Our Core:IT MATTERSOur passion to find solutions for real societal problems is the driving force behind what we do.

Doing good is as important, if not more so, than doing well. Social entrepreneurs, your success matters to us. CRACK THE CODEThere are a million barriers between a great idea and its realization. We will not be discouraged: our mandate is to help entrepreneurs break through these barriers to achieve success.

GO FURTHERLet’s do more than just get ideas off the ground. Let’s propel them to soaring heights. Let’s achieve a double bottom line that delivers tangible results and infinite sustainability. And let’s commit to always improving how we do that. Rally Makers:RALLY MAKERSIndividuals who see the wisdom in combating intractable issues with organizations that earn their own revenue.

SEED INVESTORSCorporate partners that appreciate the power of social enterprise and want to align with this movement. ANGEL INVESTORSCorporate partners that are ready to take a leadership role in the development of a national social enterprise hub. The leaders and investors in the Rally are looking to address local, national and global social issues. This accelerator offers a new approach to solving these social, environmental and economic challenges by helping develop new business models aimed at correcting or reversing those issues, while at the same time, giving investors an alternative method for investing and giving back to their community.

2017 Rally The Social Enterprise Accelerator. The Foundation offers a round-table format for veterans to discuss their needs and a venue which provides counseling in the primary areas of life. The Foundation also assists in job placement when feasible. We are working hand in hand with other veteran organizations of every state to help in relocating veterans and their families to Florida if they so desire. Brother and sisters in arms, together we are stronger. Learn how to become a member of our Veterans Foundation today. Become a sponsor to our organization.