Which cd to invest in are being redirected Javascript is required. Please enable javascript before you are allowed to see this page. CDs – Which are the best? Bank CD rates, highest yield CDs and certificate of deposit interest rates.

Comparing interest rates and compounding methods on different CDs can be confusing. Top national 6-month CD rates pay 1. With the best 6-month CD rate now paying 1. Best one-year CD rates pay 2. The best nationally available return on 12-month CDs is at 2. But local deals from credit unions and community banks are matching that average.

Best 3-year CD rates pay up to 1. The best nationally available 36-month CD rate is 1. Best national 2-year CD rates stand at 1. Don’t invest a cent until you’ve checked out our rankings of the best-paying 2-year certificates of deposit. Best CD Rates – Top national 5-year CD rates The best nationally available return is 2. APY, while the top local deal pays 3. I Bond return jumps to 1.