Karda Constructions Rs 770-million IPO subscribed 2. Sandhar Which oil company should i invest in’ Rs 5-bn IPO subscribed 6.

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980m a week but is boss ‘Drastic’ Dave Lewis off to Unilever? DAILY BRIEFING: Gatwick Airport saw passenger numbers increase by 2. Which oil explorer should you buy? Read this: Which oil explorer should you buy?

This article was updated to correct a typograhical error on August 20, 2014. The information contained within was correct on the initial date of publication in April 2014 – it has not been updated. Investing in oil explorers is a very hazardous business. If you are going to risk money in this area, you have to face the real possibility you will lose a great deal. Share prices often crash or soar in a day depending on whether a well in some farflung location comes up dry or strikes oil. Modern companies operate in a different world from that of the fictional Texan oil baron JR Ewing. But the iconic character can still perhaps serve as both warning and inspiration to those thinking of investing in the notoriously volatile sector – JR suffered catastrophic setbacks in between amassing great fortunes in the oil industry.